A giclee print is a fine-art digital print made on a commercial ink-jet printer from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival inks onto acid-free paper. 

These prints are matted on archival museum quality matte board using acid-free linen hinging tape. They are ready to frame in standard size frames.

Each giclee print is signed and numbered by the artist. 

Shipping in the U.S. is included in the listed price.

 PRICE LIST for giclee prints

​ANATOMY IN MOTION SERIES      11"x14" image in 16"x20" archival matte            $200 each                     

Rock Climber

Open Heart Meditation

Baseball Pitcher


Fire Walker



High Jumper







ROCK SERIES          11" X 17" IMAGE IN 16" X 20" archival matte                              $200 each

Walking Rocks

Standing Rocks 

Sitting Rocks

DREAM SERIES       14" x 17" image in 18" x 24" archival matte                                 $200 each

Bringer of Light

Forward & Back

Chi Dreamer

TRIBAL SERIES       17" x 14" image in 24" x 18" archival matte                                      $200 each

Grandmother Fish

Salmon Chi

Salmon Moon Girl 

​​BLANKET SERIES       17" x 14" image in 24" x 18" archival matte                               $200 each

Blood Quantum Blanket

Manifest Destiny Blanket