The Band


I ​mostly work in pen & ink and clay. I also have a BFA in Printmaking from San Francisco State University (1991).  I live and work in San Francisco, CA.

​​The Anatomy in Motion series is an on-going exploration of our fragile yet miraculous human bodies. I try to liven up traditional medical anatomy drawings by showing the joy and effort of movement.

The Figurative Sculptures are all sculpted from live models and low-fired with mason stains and glazes at CCSF Fort Mason. 

The Healing Vessel series grew out of my need to heal myself. Each vessel has an open heart that allows energy to enter and exit freely, without blockage. They are temporary holders of energy and many of them are open to the Earth on the bottom.

Their shapes mirror the shape of the human heart. They look up and out, searching for answers, asking the Sun to shine on them. Some of them have been raku-fired, an ancient Japanese technique that is immediate and unpredictable, a lesson in acceptance. Each one is hand-built, not made from a mold or thrown on a wheel.  

The 2-D gallery contains pieces with tribal themes, references to my ancestors and respect for our interconnected, living Earth.